GIC Engineering

Delivering Leading Edge Softgel Technology


Leading Edge Encapsulation Machines and Tumble Dryers

GIC's reputation for excellence in softgel technology is built on 30+ years of experience in machine engineering and design, along with our expertise in process improvement. Our encapsulation machines and tumble dryers are the best in the softgel field, made in the USA with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

GIC is constantly working to improve our GMP machine designs, incorporating advanced features like operator interface screens and PLC controls, guaranteeing the fastest speeds and the highest yields.

With over 50 SUPRA encapsulation lines sold worldwide to date, this GIC-designed and manufactured product series is the best in the business. Built-in design flexibility allows GIC to manufacture a machine specific to your product needs, sold as a complete line or as individual components.

Production Equipment

In addition to the fabrication and design of our SUPRA machines and tumble basket dryers, we also manufacture the equipment you will need to keep your softgel encapsulation machines running smoothly and efficiently. Because the continued success of our products is important to us, we manufacture custom, replacement die rolls, wedges and distributor plates. These products are available for all of GIC's SUPRA models as well as any of our competitors' soft gelatin encapsulation machinery.

Softgel Machines

Supra II

High Performance Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Supra X

High Yield Softgel Encapsulation Machine


Softgel Encapsulation Machine for Research and Development

Tumble Dryers

8 Basket

Providing Speed and Efficiency in the Gelcap Drying Process


Providing Flexibility and Efficiency in the Drying Process

Production Equipment

Die Rolls

High Quality Die Rolls for All Softgel Machines

Wedges, Distributor Plates, and Gears

Custom Parts That Will Produce Superior Capsules

Medicine Pumps

Unrivaled Medicine Pump Fill Accuracy

Spreader Boxes

Specially Designed for Precise Gelatin Distribution

Gelatin Melters

Custom Manufactured for Smooth Gelatin Processing

Gelatin Tanks

Medicine Tanks

Gelatin Clean Line System

The Most Versatile Gelatin Delivery System

Support Equipment

Dehumidification System

Reliable, Efficient Humidity Control

Stereo Zoom Microscope

Optimizing Capsule Quality Control


Ensuring Proper Flow of Gelatin Solution

High Speed Mixer

Efficient Gelatin Dye Preparation

Laminar Flow Panel

Creating an Ideal Drying Environment

Moisture Analyzer

Maximizing Capsule Moisture Inspection

Firmness Tester

Verifying Proper Capsule Hardness

Capsule Printer

High Quality Capsule Branding

Capsule Polishing Drum

Prepares Gelatin Capsule Surface for Printing

Capsule Sorter

Eliminates Defective Capsules Before Packaging

Refurbished Equipment

100L Gelatin Melter

300L Gelatin Melter

500L Gelatin Melter

Pilot Encapsulation Machine

Munters Dehumidification System

Kathabar Dehumidification System

Supra X Softgel Machine

8 Basket Tumble Dryer