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About GIC Engineering

Our expertise guarantees you will get the best products and the best service

With over 30 years of softgel expertise, GIC has encapsulation lines in operation around the globe, including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Egypt, China, India, Colombia and Brazil. Our client list includes such industry leaders as Rexall Sundown/USA, GlaxoSmithKline/Egypt, Cipla Ltd/India, Tecnoquimicas/Colombia and FMC/USA.

GIC recognizes that precise yet efficient manufacturing processes are required to deliver the highest quality softgel products. To achieve this goal GIC has developed the resources to deliver state-of-art formulation, design and manufacturing of equipment. Encapsulation machines manufactured by GIC have the tightest tolerances and the highest quality in the industry. GIC’s manufacturing facility located in Odessa, FL employs a well trained and highly experienced staff with the specialized skills required of an industry leader.

Whether your company’s needs are comprehensive turnkey operations, capsule formulation assistance, machinery supply, or product information, GIC has the expert resources to provide the solutions you need.


Our softgel equipment is perfect for paintball manufacturers

GIC Engineering has been involved in the paintball manufacturing process since its beginning. We have provided paintball manufacturers with the same high quality encapsulation machines as our pharmaceutical customers. The result has been superior paintballs produced by the leaders in the paintball industry. Not only does GIC Engineering supply machines for paintball production, we also provide a full range of services including support equipment, training and consulting. Our expertise in the paintball manufacturing process has assisted many paintball manufacturers to produce the highest quality paintballs in the industry.