GIC Engineering

Delivering Leading Edge Softgel Technology

GIC's reputation for excellence in softgel capsule technology is built on 30+ years of experience in machine making and innovative process improvements. We solve problems in bold and innovative ways.

To ensure the success of our customers, GIC provides a full range of services that optimize softgel production.


GIC can provide everything your company needs in order to achieve the most efficient and highest quality manufacturing facility, as well as ensure its success. Since its inception, GIC has designed, equipped, and sourced plants for five major softgel capsule manufacturers worldwide. Our capabilities extend to all softgel segments: pharmaceuticals, OTC, nutritionals, cosmetics, industrial and recreational products.

Turn-key services provided by GIC include

  • Plant Design
    • Plant Layout
    • Facility Specifications
    • HVAC and Environmental Control Design
    • Piping and Water Treatment Design
    • Electrical Design and Layout
  • IQ/OQ Validation
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance training
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Equipment Installation
  • GMP Compliance
  • Complete Process and Soft Gel Training
  • Pilot Plant Design and Development


GIC is not just a machine maker. Our expertise and full-service capabilities are what set us apart from all others. Not only will GIC teach you what you need to know to make softgel capsules, our consultation services also deliver successful strategies and solutions that result in increased efficiencies and maximized yields.

The GIC team can assist you with technology transfer, process development and problem-solving for virtually every area, including:

  • Capsule Production/Formulation (including fill material, gel processing and training)
  • New Product Development
  • QA/QC Training
  • Training in GMP Maintenance Procedures
  • Plant Construction Supervision
  • Soft Gelatin Plant Feasibility

Our highest priority is providing our customers with an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Machine Reconditioning & Upgrades

If your encapsulation machines are showing their age or they are in need of servicing, GIC can help. Our extensive knowledge of encapsulation machine design and operation makes us the perfect solution to your repair needs. We can repair, rebuilt or refurbish any make or model of encapsulation machine. We also provide new or reconditioned assemblies such as medicine pumps and spreader boxes. Contact us for a complete list of all our reconditioning services.

The following areas of the machine can be rebuilt to GIC Engineering specifications and standards. The rebuilding process will produce the enhancements necessary to improve overall machine functionality and performance.

  • Medicine Pump
  • Medicine Pump Case
  • Casting Drums
  • Spreader Boxes
  • Oil Roller Assembly
  • Casting Drums Internal Gears and Drive Shaft
  • Die Roll Housing Assembly
  • Mangle Roll Assembly
  • Divider Plate Assembly
  • Die Pressure Assembly and Pressure Gauges
  • Die Yoke Assembly
  • Change Gear Assembly

Contact us for a complete list of all our reconditioning services.