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Supra X

High Yield Softgel Encapsulation Machine

First introduced in 2007, the SUPRA X is the newest addition to our line of encapsulation machines. Recognizing the need for higher yield, we designed the SUPRA X to lead the industry's trend toward larger output machines. The SUPRA X features 10" die rolls combined with a variable machine speed of 2 - 6 RPM making it capable of producing over 100,000 capsules per hour. The SUPRA X incorporates the same advanced design features as our smaller models and maintains the same high standards of quality.

  • 150 mm x 250 mm aircraft quality aluminum die rolls
  • Hardened tool steel, ground and lapped medicine pump
  • Hardened tool steel, ground and hard chromed medicine plungers
  • All precision bearing medicine pump housing and cam
  • ± .001" TIR on Die Roll Shafts
  • ± .002" TIR on Casting Drums
  • ± .001" flatness on casting drums hard chrome surface
  • Hardened tool steel, ground die roll shafts
  • All angular contact precision bearings for die roll shafts
  • Independent air cylinders to control die roll pressure
  • Water and air cooled casting drums
  • Chilled water temperature control to ± 0.5° C
  • Injection wedge temperature control to ± 0.1° C
  • Spreader boxes temperature control to ± 0.1° C
  • Medicine dosage variation controlled to ± 1%
  • Independent inside/outside gelatin ribbon lubrication control
  • Closed medicine manifold or open medicine hopper
  • PLC Control with 10" color operator interface screen
  • Variable speed adjustment for mangle roll assembly
  • Variable speed adjustment for casting drums/oil roller assemblies
  • Variable speed adjustment for divider plate assembly
  • Variable speed adjustment for small discharge capsule conveyors
  • Simple and precise die roll adjustment/timing mechanism
Die Rolls
  • 150 mm diameter x 250 mm long
Overall Machine Dimensions
  • 2.44 m (L) x 1.09 m (W) x 1.93 m (H)
Machine Speed
  • Variable 2-6 rpm
  • Output up to 100,000-125,000 capsules per hour
Machine Weight - 1600 kg
PID Controls for
  • Wedge
  • Spreader boxes
  • Casting drums
Power Requirements
  • 220 V/3 PH/60 Hz/80 amps
    380 V/3 PH/50 Hz/40 amps
    460 V/3 PH/50 Hz/40 amps
  • Chilled water
  • Compressed air
Machine Capacities
  • 20 Oblong - 55,440 per hour
  • 10 Oval - 89,280 per hour
  • 5 Oval - 120,960 per hour
Built-in over temperature alarm
Built-in equipment overload alarm
Variable speed mangle rolls