GIC Engineering

Delivering Leading Edge Softgel Technology

8 Basket Tumble Dryer

Providing Flexibility and Efficiency in the Drying Process

The inline drying module system is the newest addition to our tumble dryer product line. The system features three different modules consisting of the input module, the standard module and the discharge module. These modules can be configured to the specific needs of the customer. The dryer modules are designed with same high quality standards as our other tumble dryer models.

  • Frame is 304 stainless steel welded elements with 304 stainless steel sheet metal skin
  • GMP designed, FDA validated
  • Shaft driven rotary basket design - no belts, chains or grease contamination
  • Basket design - stainless steel construction, lightweight, easy to remove and clean. Empty weight of each basket is 10 kg
  • High output centrifugal blower for increased air circulation and moisture removal
  • Automatic product transfer doors with manual override - FIFO method
  • Easy adjustable softgel dwell time in the baskets
  • Designed for temperature sensitive softgels for drying with no thermal degradation due to rapid absorption of the latent heat of vaporization
  • PID controlled air temperature
  • Capable of reducing capsule shell moisture content quickly
  • Variable speed blowers and tumble motors
  • Variable temperature adjustment for each basket
Power Requirements
  • 380 V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz / 6 Kw
Machine Dimensions
  • Infeed - 1.24 m (L) x 1.22 m (W) x 1.33 m (H)
  • Standard - 1.22 m (L) x 1.22 m (W) x 1.33 m (H)
  • Discharge - 2.14 m (L) x 1.22 m (W) x 1.65 m (H)
Fixed Machine Speed
  • 35, 38 and 42 rpm
Machine Weight
  • 900 kg
PID Controls
  • Air Temperature
Combined Airflow
  • 2000 SCFM